How To Start Making Money Selling E-books

There is more than a 100 way to make money online. And yes you can make money online by selling ebooks. You have two options in front of you: either you should be creating the ebooks yourself or you should be paying someone to write them for you called ghostwriter. If you are going with the second option, then you should be having resale rights, in order to sell the ebook to others. You can also sell e-books and get a commission from the author. Anyways, you’ll be needing a site to promote the e-books and this is the basic necessity to make money by selling ebooks.

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If you are good at writing then you can create your own ebooks. This way, actually you are saving lots of money. Otherwise, you would have to hire someone that writes well. Not just that, if you are going to create ebooks, you should be having some idea regarding the content of the ebook as well. If the ebook that you are gonna create is about making money online, then you should be yourself knowing how to make money online. Then only you would be able to express it the right way.

Sales letters are something you should be having with you if you want to sell ebooks. Ebooks won’t get sold that easily without a good sales letter. If you don’t know how to write a sales letter the right way, then you can hire someone that knows how to write a sales letter the best way. You should make the writer realize that it is very important to you and should be telling him that – the sales letter should convert the visitors – and make them buy the ebook from you. Such a sales letter writer will surely be charging you much – but it would be actually worth it and you’ll realize it when you start seeing sales in your websites.

make money selling ebook onlineOnce you have created your ebook and sales letter, you can use various methods to promote it. Many people sell their ebooks on amazon. Amazon is an online marketplace for people to promote their digital products such as ebooks and software. Once you register an account on amazon, you can have your ebook sold by thousands of affiliates who are looking for products to promote, and you’ll have to pay them commissions for their sales. So you’ll have to decide how much you want to give to your affiliates.

If you don’t have your own ebook, you can also become an affiliate yourself and find e-books written by other authors on amazon to promote. You’ll receive commissions paid by the authors if there are any sales generated from your unique affiliate links.

Either you are an author or affiliate, you’ll be using amazon’s payment system to pay or receive commissions. It’s a perfect system that save you a lot of work.

In your promotion, you’ll have to present the sales letter written by you or others to readers, and a reader who acts from reading to buying is called, “conversion”. The market average conversion rate is 1%, that means 100 readers who read your sales letter, only 1 reader will buy your ebook. But if your sales letter is attractive enough, you can raise the conversion rate to 5% or 6%, that’s really good enough for online marketing field.